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NOVA Chardonnay White Wine is a medium bodied wine with balanced sweetness and medium acidity. Faint notes of pear, lemon and yellow apple create a light, enjoyable wine. Pairs with poultry, pork tenderloin, or aged cheeses


NOVA Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine is a full-bodied wine with semi-sweetness and high acidity. Aromas of blackcurrant, violet and eucalyptus complete this splendid wine. Pairs with red-meat, grilled lamb and rich desserts.


NOVA Jammy Red Wine is created from a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon blended with real berries.  The intense red berry flavors and medium-sweet jam like finish pairs perfectly with carbonara, spaghetti aglio e olio and sharp cheese.         


NOVA Jammy White Wine is a semi-dry wine with flavours of blackberries, red currant, huckleberries.  Finishing notes of botanicals and elderberry round out the sweet, jam-like profile. Pairs well with white fish, roasted vegetables, roasted carrot and zucchini.


NOVA Blueberry Wine is crafted from a medium-bodied chardonnay infused with juicy blueberries. The wine has a medium-sweet taste and light acidy. Pairs with a charcuterie board made of smoky meat, pickled vegetables and strong cheeses.


NOVA Raspberry Wine is constructed from a medium-bodied chardonnay infused with plump sun-ripped raspberries. The wine has a sweet but slightly tangy profile. Pairs with a charcuterie board made of prosciutto, aged cheese, and toasted baguette.


NOVA Apple Wine is created from a medium-bodied chardonnay infused with crisp, tart apples. The wine is full of sweet floral notes and long-refreshing finish. Pairs with a classic charcuterie board made of delicatessen meat and a variety of cheese.              


NOVA Sparkling Wine is a light, zippy wine with delicate sweetness and little acidity. Faint notes of fresh apple, lemon and botanicals create a refreshing wine. Pairs with contrasting flavours of spicy or salty.


NOVA Sherry Fortified Wine is a rich, full-flavoured wine with semi-sweetness and medium acidity. Faint notes of almond, caramel, floral and pear create a wine made for sipping. Superb for after dinner drinks paired with a dark chocolate dessert.

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