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602A 51 ST, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 7J7

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Minhas Sask Whiskey is a whiskey like no other. Golden, straw coloured with aromas of oak, fresh grain, orange peel, citrus fruit, fresh ginger and coriander. It’s seasoned with underlying sweetness of fruit-like flavours of mango, pineapple, orange

and sour apple with a light tobacco finish. Our Whiskey is a unique spirit that is best shared with friends!



By using 2 row Saskatchewan barley malt, we can assure that our vodka is not only has the best ingredients, but also supports Saskatchewan. Distilling the vodka 6 times allows for a final result of flawless, clear spirit. Hand packaged in our custom-made glass bottles, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and it doesn't contain any added sugar or glycerin..



Minhas Sask Gin is an artisanal gin distilled in small batches using our unique process, handcrafted with our secret recipe and steeped. Aromas of floral botanicals, and a taste bursting with refreshing pine and citrus is balanced by mild spices of juniper, lemon peel, coriander, licorice. Our Gin is allowed to develop its character slowly and naturally, waiting for our

master distiller to declare the flavor perfect.



We have taken the drink of outlaws; and created two different flavours to entice your palate. Both have a deliciously, smooth, artisanal taste that reflects the infamous history of the distillers from a time gone by. It is a notorious spirit that celebrates its notorious past!

Cream Liquors

It there anything better than a cream liqueur in your coffee or over ice. Minhas Sask has a full line of cream liqueurs, made with fresh Saskatchewan cream, for you to enjoy.


Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Ready- to – Drink Cocktails are premixed for your enjoyment. Never have to rush to get the ingredients for a perfect cocktail again, simply pour and enjoy.​


Minhas Sask takes time honored brewing techniques and advanced fermenting methods to develop a unique line of Saskatchewan made beers.



A fine Canadian-style lager with a full-bodied and strong head. It is made in small batches using pure 2-row barley, premium hops from Saskatchewan, deep well water and our proprietary yeast. It is placed in cold storage (lagered) for a minimum of 35 days resulting in a clean, crisp, smooth tasting beer. 



A Canadian-style pilsner brewed from 2 row brewers’ pale malts.  A perfect balance of flavors is achieved by procuring the exact blend of malt and hops and fermenting the brew with our proprietary yeast.


Ice Beer

Minhas Sask ice beer is stored and filtered just above freezing to produce a refreshing, crisp beer. It is brewed using 2 row Saskatchewan malted barley and domestic hops.



With Hard Ice Teas, Hard Sodas, Hard Ciders and many more, the large selection of our classic coolers, will allow you to find a perfect drink for any occasion and every occasion.



Minhas Sask wines are a full range of wines with red, white, fruit flavored, sherry and sangria in varying degrees of dryness and sweetness. From vineyards from Africa to California each wine,

has a unique aroma to enjoy. The wide range of new, exciting flavors and tastes allow every wine aficionado to find their

perfect match.


I urge you to enjoy this product in moderation & in a responsible manner.  If you are pregnant, please do not consume alcohol, as it may negatively affect the health of your future child for the rest of his or her life.