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Cancun Gold Tequila FLV GS is a pale golden color with a glossy, smooth cast. Flavors of spice, grass, citrus and fresh herbs are found in this earthy spirit. Finishing with a light aftertaste of vanilla and tropical fruit. Perfect for margaritas, sunrises and palomas.


Cancun Blanco Tequila FLV GS is clear, flawless liquid with a glitter jewel cast. Aroma of caramel, agave, honey, vanilla and a smoky, toffee- like finish, makes this the perfect tequila for cocktails.

Cancun Café Take a vacation to Cancun with Cancun Café! The rich coffee flavour mingles with the sunny citrus and herbs notes of our delectable Tequila Style GS. Perfect for an early morning wake up!

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