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Sailboat White Rumba has a sweet  subtle taste. This elegant Rumba has crystal clear clarity with a glossy, smooth texture. Light bodied, with aromas of caramel, smoky oak and a confectionary like finish.  Perfect  for  a nightcap … anytime of the day!


Sailboat Coconut Rumba brings the taste of the tropics to Saskatchewan. Adventurous flavors of coconut and Rumba with a sweet finish are perfect for Piña Coladas and other tropical cocktails.


Sailboat Spiced Rumba has the bold flavors of adventure.  Aromas of clove, peppercorn, allspice and nutmeg create a delicious, full-bodied Rumba.  Perfect  for a rumba and coke.


Sailboat Gold Rumba is a golden color with a sleek, glossy texture.  Medium-bodied  with aromas of caramel and vanilla and an ideal zesty finish. Perfect for cocktails and sharing with friends!


Sailboat Dark Rumba has a deep but smoky taste. This mysterious Rumba has dark amber clarity with a glossy, dark visage.  Full bodied, with aromas of caramel, smoky ash and earthy like finish.  Perfect for a nightcap!

Sailboat Black Spiced Bold Rumba has the strong, bold taste of adventure. A rich flavour is full the dark aromas of coffee, pepper and cocoa. Tempered by the syrupy-sweet taste of molasses, it is a full body and a medium finish of vanilla and clove. Perfect for any season.

NOVA Spiced Rumba Swing into adventure with the bold taste of Nova Spiced Rumba. Aromas of clove, peppercorn, allspice, and nutmeg mingle in prefect balance in the amber coloured Rumba to create a delightfully spiced full-bodied spirit.

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