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Wascana Creek Herbal Master is an enticing mixture of herbs is steeped in vodka. The infused botanicals give strong tastes of star anise, Licorice, ginger, juniper berries, pepper and cloves. With a full body and long minty finish. Perfectly paired with sweet mixers.


Wascana Creek Sambuca is a clear, flawless liquid with a diamond cast. Strong flavours create a black liquorice taste tempered by the herbal notes of fennel, all-spice and anise. Perfect for shots.

Wascana Creek Limoncello tastes of sunshine and homecooked lemon meringue pie. The intense flavours of fresh, tart lemon taste mixes with sweet hints of candy, lime peel, and coriander to create a sweet light body liqueur with a lemon meringue pie finish. Perfect for an evening cocktail.


Wascana Creek Orange Liqueur has a light amber colour with highlights of citrine in its depths. The flavours of bitter orange zest and citrus are balanced by the sweet fruit taste of brandy. Aroma of orange blooms, vanilla and caramel delight the nose with each sip. This smooth liqueur has a medium body with a long caramel and marmalade finish. Perfect in a cocktail or over ice.


Sask Prairie Blue Curacao Liqueur is flavoured with candied oranges and aromas of floral botanicals and citrus. A light body with a spun sugar like finish. Perfect for mixed cocktails.


Sask Prairie Creme De Cacao combines the bitterness of cocoa, the warm, gentle flavour of vanilla and the sharp sweetness caramel to create the delicious flavour you are sure to enjoy. Perfect in warm winter drinks.

Sask Prairie Amaretto Liqueur brings flavours of toasted almond, marzipan and vanilla to life in this popular liqueur. Perfect for nightcaps.


Sask Prairie Root Beer Schnapps uses delicious flavours of licorice, sarsaparilla anise and vanilla to create this exceptional liqueur. A light body and long finish makes it perfect for shots.


Sask Prairie Coffee Liqueur has strong flavours of coffee with dark chocolate notes and a light vanilla finish. Perfect for camping trips.

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