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Flyer effective from 1st Nov. - 31st Dec. 2019
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Full disclosure & a few words on Innovations at Minhas Sask

Simply put, we thrive on innovation. We believe in challenging traditions to produce better tasting products at honest prices. We believe in constantly improving everything we do and even more importantly, improving everything the industry does. Science plays a big role in our lives, from distilling, to blending to tasting and testing. We create our products in our state-of-the-art distillation equipment, which uses an artificial intelligence-based software and a robot to control fore heads, heads, hearts and tails of the distillation process. This produces the purest and best tasting spirits which forms the base of all our spirits and liqueurs. For each of the products on this page - Whisky, Brandy, Tequila and Rum Style spirits - we bring the aroma and essence of oak and the taste of the individual products i.e. Whisky, Brandy, Tequila to the distilled grain spirit instead of the traditional methods. For full disclosure, we use neutral grains spirit as the base of all the products on this page. This reduces a lot of unnecessary costs of expensive aging warehouses allowing us to pass the savings to you. 

The aromas, essences and flavours are extracted using alcohol as a base and uses the secret and most sophisticated methods to produce the extremely concentrated liquid which is added to the Grain Neutral Spirit using our secret recipes.

an with your or your organization’s name, picture and logo to commemorate your special event or day.  Hotels can have custom made alcohols in their rooms for their guests to purchase and enjoy.  We will also be delighted to contribute a non-alcoholic raffle item for your fund raising events.

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