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Tipsy Original Hard Apple Cider has crystal-like sharpness of tart granny smith apple. The acidity is off set by the delightful sweetness of a Fuji apple. A long finish leaves you with a pleasant confectionary like flavour, that will leave you eager for the next sip.

Tipsy Pear Hard Cider brings you the aromantic, juicy notes of berries mixed with the taste of a light, delicate pear. This light bodied cider creates a harmony of zesty tartness and sweetness of cotton candy. A gentle finish with notes of ripe pear will delight your palate.


Tipsy Crisp Hard Cider holds the sharp, acidic taste of an original apple cider with enhanced sweetness of a ripe honey crisp apple. The medium body with notes of vanilla mixed apple blossoms and a light, refreshing finish, it is sure to delight your taste buds.


Tipsy Rose Hard Cider has the sweet, sharp edge of perfectly aged Rose wine blending with the slightly acidic properties of fermented apples to create a cider that will have you enthralled.  


Tipsy Watermelon Hard Cider highlight flavours of juicy, sugary-sweet watermelons that are balanced by the acidic bite of impeccably fermented apple juice; crafting a cider you’ll crave.


Tipsy Pink Lemonade Hard Cider’s bright, tart lemon flavour merges with the sweetness of apple juice in a powerful combination of sweet and sour. Expertly balanced with a medium body and a long tart finish; this cider will have you waiting for the next sip.


Tipsy Mint & Lime Hard Cider combines the attributes of crushed, fresh mint and a squeeze of lime in this charming cider. Reminiscent of a mojito it is the ideal merger of flavours for any season.

Tipsy Cranberry Hard Cider has the rich, tart tang of cranberries blending perfectly in this cider. The slightly, astringent flavour melds with red berry and fermented apple for a lush, full body taste on your palate.


Tipsy Pina Colada Hard Cider combines the coolness of coconut milk, the delicious sweetness of fresh pineapple and the tartness of fermented apple juice in this extraordinary cider. It has a full body and medium length finish, perfect for a warm night.

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