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Flagship Beer

Minhas Sask Lager (5.5% alc/vol): A fine Canadian lager with a full-bodied and strong head. It is made in small batches using pure 2-row barley from Saskatchewan, premium hops, and our proprietary yeast. It is placed in cold storage (lagered) for a minimum of 35 days resulting in a clean, crisp, smooth tasting beer. 

Minhas Lake Pilsner (5% alc/vol):  We all know Pilsner is the most popular beer in Saskatchewan, in fact, we call it the “Beer of Saskatchewan”.  One sip of this easy drinking beer will tell you why Saskatchewan produces the best barley for making beer.

Clear Ice Beer (6.5% alc/vol): Minhas Sask ice beer is stored and filtered just above freezing to produce a refreshing, crisp beer. It is brewed using 2 row Saskatchewan malted barley and domestic hops and is far far the smoothest tasting strong beer.

Minhas Sunset Larger (4.6% alc/vol): Cerveza style, light in body and hops, and a perfect thirst quencher for enjoying year-round anywhere.  Reminds you of the hot beaches of Mexico and the great relaxed lifestyle.  Try with or without lime, and in Tequila.


Specialty Beers


Minhas Sask Espresso Stout (5% alc/vol):  Our Espresso Stout is a creamy, dark, slightly sweet, full-bodied and a slightly roasted ale.  It has low hop aroma with slightly floral and earthy notes. Dark roasted grain/malt impression with coffee and/or chocolate flavors dominate the palate.


Minhas Sask Amber Lager (5% alc./vol.): is medium dark in color and is a sessionable craft beer style that showcases both malt and slight hoppiness.  It is a medium-bodied lager with a toasty, caramel-like malt character. 


Minhas Sask Witbier (5% alc./vol.):  Witbier is a Belgiun style wheat beer but made of Saskatchewan.  It is cloudy and brewed with Saskatchewan grown 2 row barley, wheat and coriander and orange peel. 


Minhas Sask Grapefruit Radler (5% alc./vol.): This radler is unfiltered and is made by adding ripe pink grapefruit, citrus peel and orange zest to a Belgian style wheat beer.


Minhas Sask Rasp-bier (5% alc./vol.): the rasp-bier is created from our Belgiun style witbier with added taste of raspberries.  The slight notes of vanilla and citrus enhances this pale, rose coloured witbier.


Minhas White IPA Beer (5% alc./vol.): A hazy, golden-colored beer that is a blend of the American India pale ale with the tastes of earthy, hopiness and the silky-smooth flavour enriched Belgian wit flavours of lemon, orange and coriander.


Craft Beers


NOVA Sask Pale Ale (5 % alc./vol):  This crushable hoppy beer is a west coast style pale ale. It is bold with notes of tropical fruit & balanced perfectly with toasted malts. It contains 3 types of hops- Cascade, Columbus & Amarillo. We hope we have crafted a beer worthy of the trust you have placed in us. We handcrafted this beer with the intent of bringing you and your friend together.

NOVA Pulse Gluten Free (4.6% alc./vol):  This beverage is made with Sask grown chickpea, red lentil, sorghum and brown rice. The recipe is top secret, and it contains no barley or wheat. Pulse Gluten Free is pale gold with a creamy finish, and has a touch of citrus and hops in aroma and flavour. Of course, we sell it at “Honest Prices” because that is who we are made up of!

NOVA Sask IPA (6.3% alc./vol): This copper coloured India Pale Ale (IPA) has five hops in its recipe – Chinook, El Dorado, Nugget, Ekuanot & Loral. It delivers refreshing notes of exotic citrus accompanied by a vibrant floral bouquet. We handcrafted this all malt beer with the intent of bringing you and your friends together.

NOVA Dill Pickle Beer (% alc./vol): A wheat beer that pours pale straw to golden in color. Full flavour of dill pickles tartness mingles with low hoppy profile for an enjoyable craft beer. Shockingly enjoyable.

NOVA Ginger Beer (4% alc./vol): Made with Sask grown malted barley and our secret recipe. It is handcrafted to be enjoyed on its own or as a perfect companion to making Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy. Our ginger beer has a gentle ginger, pepper and clove spices with floral and lemony notes. Mellow rather than hotly spiced ginger.

NOVA Pilsner + (5.5%% alc./vol): A gold-straw coloured with light-bodied Nova Pilsner is crisp yet refreshing. Why do we call it Pilsner +?  It is 5.5% alcohol by volume makes it slightly stronger than others but more importantly, this pilsner is made with Czech Saaz Hops as Pilsner beers were invented in Czechoslovakia a few hundred years ago.  Of course, we use Saskatchewan grown malted barley because Sask barley is the best in the world! 

NOVA Wheat Beer (5% alc./vol): Nova Wheat Beer pours pale straw to golden in color. Refreshing with low hop or bitterness and slightly tart with citrus aromas round out the flavour.  It is made with Sask grown wheat and of course barley.

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